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“Unlike diamonds, watches are practical”

Time passes, whether we like it, or not. It simply exists, no matter how important we humans think we are. But it is equally true that it could not exist without us, humans, who gave it a name. Yet time has the arrogance of the one who knows it is eternal.

Like a river that cannot be stopped, the wise have learned that it is up to us to a great extent to make the passage of time something useful and pleasant. That is how clocks and watches came into being – initially, they were just tools, mere useful mechanisms, but gradually they became more than that; and we do not mean here sheer objects of vanity. No, a watch can be more than a piece of jewelry to attract envious glances. A watch can tell a story and can mark important moments in our lives. You can get your first Swiss watch to stamp in your memory a very important and happy moment in your life.

The same goes for the watches in everyone’s family jewelry box. They all have stories to tell; and what beautiful stories they keep inside. They take us back to those we love and wore them. We remember the time and beautiful moments we spent together when they were with us. When we turn the wheel of a clock from our collection, our minds fly to a loved one or to a time when we were happy. This is how a clock can help sneak inside the memories and souls of our loved ones and become anchors.

Why Swiss watches, though? Because we like them. Why? Clearly, bias is the first reason. Swiss watches enjoy very solid marketing and prestige. However, their reputation has more than just advertising behind it, and now we’re getting into the area of explicit arguments.

We are fascinated by the history of Swiss watchmakers, who have had the ambition to achieve perfection in time measurement, generation after generation. And they succeeded. The method is simple and within everyone’s reach – hard work, seriousness, perseverance, and attention to detail over several hundred years. Few things made by man have reached the precision and accuracy of these mechanical jewels.

They are beautiful and durable. Yes, it’s a beauty that doesn’t fade over time. A Swiss watch will have the same flawless look and be in excellent shape for decades, if not longer. And we all agree that any suit you wear will always look way different when you have a Rolex at your wrist.

What is the mission of 𝙎⌚𝘾

We really want to help those who are just discovering the world of Swiss watches to understand them and make the best buying decisions. We have many guides planned for them.

For connoisseurs, we want to bring fresh information, so they will be up to date with what’s new in the Swiss watch market.

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